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Working with the Inner Child

Working with Inner Child

Working with the Inner Child is incredibly important if you are working towards healing from childhood trauma.

Every single person has an inner child who is begging to heal. So many of us had traumatic childhoods and can recognize that.

The ability to recognize that makes it easier to being healing. 

Inner Child Work

Keep in mind that many of us don’t recognize that we had trauma in our childhoods. Inner child work allows you to connect to the young you who did not get what you needed.

If a child did not get what he or she needed, that is neglect. Experiencing neglect in childhood is ALWAYS traumatic.

Can you now begin to see how your needs not being met was traumatic? Those needs may have been physical or emotional, but either way it is still considered trauma. 

Healing from Childhood Trauma by Working with the Inner Child

Not Good Enough Stuff often hides the inner child for many of us. Connecting to our Inner Child and meeting his or her needs helps heal emotional childhood trauma.

Recovering from childhood trauma is vital to the healing process. If we don’t do the work to heal our inner child, we are missing a huge part in creating a peaceful life.

Many of our self-sabotaging behaviors are merely results of childhood trauma in adults that were never healed.

Often, we don’t recognize where these behaviors were established. Instead, we beat ourselves up without understanding why we do those behaviors.

Chances are that those behaviors actually protected us when we were children.

How Does Working with Your Inner Child Help You Heal?

Working with the Inner Child allows us to shift our negative self-talk and negative view of ourselves.

Our brains became wired to protect ourselves in childhood.

Doing this work allows you to rewire your brain in regards to what is no longer a threat to us in the way it was in childhood.

Doing that can significantly decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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