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Spiritual Journey towards a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Healing is often very cliché and easily dismissed as people feel they are searching for a huge spiritual awakening. That is not the case for everybody, nor is it necessary for spiritual healing. There are no rules as to what defines a spiritual awakening.

It can simply be your recognition of the beauty found in nature. I think society has taught us that it has to be a completely life-altering experience to be considered a spiritual awakening. Just know that is not true and is also incredibly rare.

Spiritual Connection Before a Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual wellness is an important part of healing that is often overlooked. It can refer to religious beliefs, but it can also encompass so much more. It doesn’t matter where you start! Just keep in mind that most people never do their own spiritual exploration. The majority of people stay with what they where taught and that is great if it works for them. These posts are more for people who that didn’t work for. It helps them navigate their own exploration, apart from what they were taught. 

Spirituality can simply be love, the love of nature, kindness or anything else that is healthy and feels good for you. Spiritual healing is often very personal. So, it can be whatever you decide as long as it is something that is physically and emotionally healthy for you.

Your Own Path

Spiritual development is such a personal process and you get to decide what that looks like. There is no wrong or right because it’s what feels good for you. Just be aware that not everybody will understand your spiritual path. It is not theirs to understand. You also get to determine what your actual path to spirituality looks like.

Trust Your Instincts for the Decisions You Make on Your Spiritual Journey!!! Be kind to yourself as you navigate what spirituality is for you!!!

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