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 Not Good Enough Stuff, The Self improvement blog.

This self improvement blog will help you create self love, self worth and gain an understanding of where your feelings of not being good enough came from.

Those feelings are called Not Good Enough Stuff, NGES. We all struggle with some level of Not Good Enough Stuff.

However, very few of us actually recognize the need to do our healing work. An even smaller amount of us actually do the work that we recognize we need.

Why is that? To me, there’s a simple answer. True healing work is incredibly difficult and scary. So, most people choose not to do it for those reasons.

If you are doing your healing work or even considering it, be proud of yourself. You are one of the few in the world!

Doing your own inner work, can result in two important things- Self Love, Self Worth. There are so few people who can truly say they have a large amount of self love and self worth.

Typically, we aren’t taught how to have that self love or self worth. The reason for that is that the people who raised us probably weren’t taught that either.

It’s almost impossible to teach something you never learned. Sadly, we are left searching for ways to teach that self love-self worth to ourselves.

Remember, you CAN HEAL your Not Good Enough Stuff! It is NOT easy or a quick process, but I can guarantee you that it is absolutely worth it.

Open your mind to the possibility of healing and self-love. Find your soul’s true voice, the one true voice that matters.

Allow yourself plenty of time to process after reading each post. These posts can “bring up” lots of feelings and thoughts for you to reflect upon for your healing journey.

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Not Good Enough Stuff blog posts are ONLY the views, beliefs, opinions and creative methods of Mary Beth Fox.

This self-help blog is for healing and understanding where your Not Good Enough Stuff came from. Click here for more information and an explanation of Not Good Enough Stuff.

Understand that by reading these posts that you are giving yourself love as you’ve made a decision to begin or continue your healing journey.

That is a gift that we all deserve, but very few give themselves. 

You will NOT FIND any published research on these specifically

. However, the concepts and foundations of many of the topics discussed, have been researched.

Mary Beth just takes a different approach and adds her own views and experiences to further the healing process.

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Please feel free to comment on any blog posts and Mary Beth will respond to your questions or thoughts to the best of her ability.

Commenting is also an opportunity for you to connect with others who are part of the Not Good Enough Stuff community.

We all need support. Commenting and sharing your thoughts and experiences is a great way to get that support. 

Blog posts and trainings offered are created from Mary Beth’s own personal healing journey.

In addition, she uses the journeys and experiences of others she has assisted in guiding to a life of healing and self-love.

This self improvement blog is in no way a replacement for therapy with a licensed therapist. Please see the disclaimer below.

So if you’re ready to begin healing your Not Good Enough Stuff, find a comfy chair in a peaceful place.  Choose a post from our self improvement blog posts that you want to start with .

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This site is only for people who are truly willing to look at themselves with an open mind and have the ability to truly be vulnerable with themselves and others. Please understand that this site is in NO WAY THERAPEUTIC ADVICE. However, this site can be very beneficial in learning the causes of your Not Good Enough Stuff. This site is not intended to provide or replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Mary Beth HIGHLY RECOMMENDS finding a licensed therapist to help you process the information from this site and all that you learn about yourself. Visit Psychology Today to find a licensed therapist in your area.