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Relationships within a Family

Relationships within a family

Dynamics of the Family

Have you struggled due to the relationships within a family? Do the dynamics of the family you were raised with cause you stress, anxiety or depression?What do your family dynamics look like? Are there toxic family dynamics? How have those Family Dynamics affected you? If you ever wondered how your family of origin caused a lot of your difficulties and want to heal from it, these blog posts are for you. 

Family Dynamics Meaning

So, what is the family dynamics meaning? It’s the way our families of origin functioned as a unit. It is said that dysfunction functions. That is so true fore relationships within a family. However, the family dynamic roles that we all play in unhealthy ways, doesn’t have to continue. The kinds of family relationships we have usually dictate the bulk of relationships we have in our lives. For most of us, that results in lost of unhealthy relationships.

Toxic Family Dynamics

Those toxic family dynamics result in us repeating those same dynamics in all of our relationships throughout our lives. Just because the dynamics you grew up with were and still may be toxic, does not mean you can’t change or heal yourself. Just keep in mind that you can’t change anybody, but you can change yourself.

Shaking up the Family Dynamics

If one person in a family makes a change, everybody in the family is forced to deal with that change. Usually, it is not dealt with an a healthy manner, but you can still continue being a member of the family in a healthier one. Please know that this is incredibly difficult work. However, learning how to have healthy relationships within a family is always worth it!

If you are ready to begin that work, click on the blog categories below to begin healing from your own Family Dynamics that caused difficulty for you.

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