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Parents and Children

Parents and Children

Parents Love and Their Own Struggles

Parents love their children, but often get lost in their own Not Good Enough Stuff. The relationship between parents and children can be the most difficult to navigate. This part of the Not Good Enough Stuff blog is like a parenting blog. It can teach you ways to parent your children in a way that is emotionally healthier for them and you. Knowing how to do that is far from common knowledge!

Did you get a book when your child was born that told you everything you needed to know about raising your child? Absolutely not! So, it is normal for parents to struggle with teaching their children how to be emotionally healthy.

I’m willing to bet that you have beaten yourself up many times for making mistakes in your parenting. Chances are that you were never taught that yourself because your parents didn’t know how to do it either. It’s pretty hard and close to impossible to teach your child something you never learned. 

Don’t let that stop you though! If you begin doing your own work to heal your Not Good Enough Stuff, that teaches your child how to do the same. You WILL mess your kids up in multiple different ways. That can be a gloomy thought.

However, your “mistakes” are merely opportunities to teach your children how to recover and heal from the difficulties in their lives. It is all about parenting from an authentic space while working on yourself. The Parents and Children blog posts can help you learn how to do that.

Self Care for Parents

Often parents don’t love themselves or know how to love themselves. Parents can learn how to create an emotionally healthy environment that teaches self love to their children. Every parent I have ever met has that hope, that their child will have self-love.

If parents and children continue to struggle with self love, that generational pattern will continue until parents love themselves. Doing so, will teach your children how to love themselves.

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These posts look at how our own Not Good Enough Stuff, emotional pain and trauma affect our children if we don’t learn how to heal ourselves. Doing your own personal healing work for your Not Good Enough Stuff can completely change the trajectory of your child’s emotional health.

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