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Living Clean

Clean Living

 Clean living requires healing body, mind and spirit.

Emotional healing is only a part of true healing. Many of us neglect our bodies when attempting our mind, body, spirit healing. The reason that most people are not practicing living clean is that it seems like an insurmountable task. Many of us don’t know where we would even start even if we wanted.

Clean living can be hard to achieve if you attempt to change every aspect of your life when moving towards living clean. Very few people will be able to sustain drastic changes that they make quickly. Instead, we will probably throw everything out the window and go right back to what we were doing that is the total opposite of what we wanted to achieve.

It’s just in our nature to fall back into old habits because we are comfortable with them. Just like with emotional healing, if making changes to have a healthier body and environment were easy, everybody would do it! I promise that clean living is possible and not incredibly hard if you make the changes slowly and are kind to yourself in the process. 

Mind, Body Spirit Healing

If your environment and your body are not healthy, your emotional healing is not as deep as it could be. The reason for this is that we store trauma in our bodies. I have never met anybody who was emotionally healthy, while their bodies and environment were unhealthy. It just doesn’t work that way.

If the body holding our trauma is not healthy, it will slow the emotional healing down. Your body will hold on to the emotional trauma for a longer period of time. If you are practicing clean living that creates a healthy vessel to release the emotional Not Good Enough Stuff we have carried for many years.  


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