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Broken Society

Broken Society

We have a broken society. Due to that society at large is wrong about so many things. Fortunately, many have begun questioning society. In order for us to create positive changes in our broken society, we have to explore the parts that are broken.

Healing those broken parts within ourselves, creates change on a world-wide level. So, if you find yourself frustrated with society at large, know that you can do your part in changing that.

Think of it this way, when you do something positive for yourself, every single person you encounter receives that positive energy. Each of those people can choose to share that positive energy with every person that they encounter.

The more people we have doing their own individual healing work, the more positive and peaceful our world becomes. I always say, “As I heal, the world heals.”

Society at Large

The purpose of society should be to support one another. Unfortunately, society has conditioned us to hide our true selves. It’s hard to truly get support if we don’t show others our true selves by being vulnerable and asking for what we need.

Instead, we often pretend we are “fine” and don’t need help from anybody. That’s just one of the many problems with our broken society. The main reason our society struggles is that society as a whole does not want to change.

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So, for those of you questioning society and know that society is wrong in so many ways, these Broken Society posts are for you!

Click on the blog posts below to learn more about how society is wrong and how that affects our mental health, along every other aspect of our lives. Help redefine the purpose of society, which should be to love one another while living authentic lives.

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