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Month: December 2020

What is Self-care?

What is Self-Care

What is Self-Care?  The Mysteries of Discovering What That Means for You. Self-care has become a “trendy” word in the last decade or so. We spout that everybody needs self-care. Meanwhile, many of us struggle with anything and everything related to self-care. Often, we don’t even know what self-care might look like for ourselves. Not …

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Addiction to Chaos

Addiction to Chaos

Addiction to Chaos Do you feel like everybody around you is always in some kind of crisis? Do you feel like you are always “on call” for your loved ones? Are you the one who everybody calls whenever something difficult happens? Do you feel like it’s your job to always be available for anybody who …

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Being Strong

Society’s Definition of Strong is Wrong

Society’s Definition of Being Strong is Wrong Society’s definition of being strong is wrong. How many of you were told throughout your lives, starting in childhood, that you needed you needed to be “strong?” What did people mean by that? What were you supposed to do or not do in order to be considered “being …

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Creation of Negative Self-Talk

The Creation of Negative Self-Talk

The Creation of Negative Self Talk Everybody has some level of negative self talk, but where does it come from? There are so many possible answers to that question. Unfortunately, it often begins before we are even able to speak. As babies, we hear our caregivers tell us who they believe we are. Often that …

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Healing from Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited Advice

 Society’s Need to Give Unsolicited Advice Every single person I know has been the recipient of unsolicited advice. I think this is one of the many things that society has gotten and continues to get wrong. We should stop giving unsolicited advice. The majority of the time, we vent to others because we simply want …

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